Events and upcoming Events at Gwastad Hall


We have a weekly activities program, which you can find on a noticeboard and as well as informing everyone of the daily events during the week, it also keeps you up-to-date with any changes that might occur including the dates of our monthly communion services and all forthcoming entertainments.

Our residents may not be well enough to get out and about, so we encourage and welcome our local community to visit us e.g. church, library, nursery school, pets as therapy and newsagents. This all aids our residents to keep in touch with what is going on and to continue to feel part of the community.

In March 2016 the Residents and Staff made a Donkey for the Hope Church Easter Service, they Called it “Parish” See the service on the website

Residents and Staff Photos of Making the Donkey “Parish”

For the 2nd Year “The Gwastad Angels” sings the Christmas Carols (December 2017)

Please see them on our Facebook Page

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