Frequently Asked Questions

A short list of common questions - contact us to talk further!


How Do I Pay?

Social Services may pay the accommodation fees depending on your savings and local health board pay all the nursing side of the fees.

What if I have savings?

You can have up to £23,500 in savings and the local authorities still pay. (This amount usually increases annually – your social worker will advise you of any increase.)

Private Pensions

Private pensions and state benefit are taken into account but they must allow you a personal allowance per week (your Social worker will tell you of the amount.)

What if I own a property?

If you own your own property but it is shared on the deeds with another relative e.g. spouse or child then this is usually not taken into account. If you are being funded by the Local Health Board then property is not taken into account.

Self Funding

If you are self funding and the local health board still contribute towards your nursing costs.

Who Gives My Medication?

Medication is given out by trained nurses at the prescribed times. If you wish to self medicate and assessment is made and you will be asked to sign a self medication form.

Is There A Menu Choice?

There is a choice of menu at all mealtimes. Special diets for example, diabetes and low-fat and gluten-free are specially prepared. See our Dining & Mealtimes page for more information

Can I Stay In My Own Room?

You can stay in your own room if you wish to, encouragement is given for you to spend some of your time socialising but it is your own choice.

Can I Go Out With My Family?

You’re able to go out with your family and medication needed will be given with you to cover the length of time you are away from the hall.

Can I Have A Drink Of Alcohol?

Your own alcohol can be consumed on the premises depending on your medication.

Is Laundry Included?

There is an in-house laundry and all laundry is included in the fees provided all clothes are clearly labelled.

Can I see the statement of purpose or CSSIW report?

Yes, please ask the staff and they will show you all get a copy of the report or statement of purpose.

Are There Activities During The Day?

There is a daily activity organiser on site full time.

Are There Any Lifts To The First Floor?

There are two passenger lifts to the first floor each with wheelchair accessibility. Hoists are provided on all baths. There are also hoists for mobility use.

Can I Get My Hair Done?

There is a visiting hairdresser to enable you to have your hair done weekly.

Is There A Chiropodist?

There is a chiropodist who visits the home once a month.

Can I Smoke?

There is a designated area for residents to smoke.

Can Pets Visit?

Yes, pets are allowed at Gwastad Hall to visit with supervision from owner.


You can bring in small items of furniture and belongings providing they comply with the fire regulations.