Gwastad Hall Quarterly Newsletter

We publish a fun and informative newsletter every 3 months

What makes Gwastad Hall activities different?

Like other nursing homes in Wrexham, we also want to give our residents and staff satisfactory services and get them the care they deserve. With our meaningful activities, they get a chance to meet different people. We encourage and welcome several local communities, like nursery schools, pet as therapy, newsagents, library, and church, to visit. It helps our residents to understand what is going on in society and meet new people

We encourage and welcome our local communities like a library, church, pets as therapy, newsagents, and nursery school to visit us so that our residents can get in touch with society and understand more about whatever going in the community. It even helps our residents who may not be well enough to get out of our nursing home to feel like a part of the community.

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