Events and upcoming Events at Gwastad Hall

Events and Upcoming Events at Gwastad Hall

To keep our residents involved and encourage social life, Gwastad Hall nursing home organize weekly activities program. We have a dedicated team that ensures that each weekly activity is different and is found enjoyable for every resident. Additionally, each of them is designed while considering everyone’s likes and dislikes. We update residents about weekly activities through noticeboard and also by informing them during the week. It keeps them up-to-date and ensures their involvement. Even if any changes occur in the scheduled activities, date of our monthly communion services, and all forthcoming entertainments, they are updated in advance.

Being in the same nursing home can even make our residents bored. So we encourage them to go to the garden and explore the weather. Gwastad Hall nursing home has its own disability vehicles and vehicle driving area with stairs, which makes the garden accessible for all. If weather permits, we also organize winter or summer trips for keeping them entertained.

Our residents may not be well enough to get out and about, so we encourage and welcome our local community to visit us e.g. church, library, nursery school, pets as therapy and newsagents. This all aids our residents to keep in touch with what is going on and to continue to feel part of the community.